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The Doggy Blogger is the premiere dog breeds resource where we cover types of dog breeds by:

Sporting Group

Sporting dogs are likable, all-around companions because they are inherently attentive and energetic. They were initially created to closely coordinate with hunters to find and retrieve prey. They can be classified as one of four primary breeds: spaniels, pointers, retrievers, or setters.

Many of these breeds like hunting and other field sports and are known for having outstanding instincts in the woods and on water. They have well-insulated, water-repellent coats that are quite resistant to the weather. If you think this is your type, be aware that most need regular, energizing exercise!

Toy Group

While toy breeds may seem small, their personalities are everything but! Breeds in the toy category are gregarious, affectionate, and adaptable to a variety of lifestyles. 

Just remember not to be deceived by their diminutive stature and charming demeanors; they are intelligent, lively, and many have strong instincts for protection! 

Non-Sporting Group

Non-Sporting dogs come in a variety of breeds with different sizes, coat types, temperaments, and general looks. Therefore, it is challenging to draw broad conclusions about this group of canines because they come from such a diverse range of backgrounds. 

The Dalmatian, Poodle, and Lhasa Apso, as well as the less frequent Schipperke and Tibetan Spaniel, are other breeds in this category.

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Hound Group

The majority of hounds were domesticated for the purpose of hunting. These dogs follow trails using their keen sense of smell, run down their prey fiercely, displaying a remarkable ability for endurance. 

Beyond this, however, it isn’t easy to generalize hounds because the group includes such a wide range of species! Pharaoh Hounds, Norwegian Elkhounds, Afghans, and Beagles are just a few examples.

Working Group

Working Group dogs are sharp, strong, alert, observant, and quick to pick up new skills. Since they were created to help people, they excel at tasks like protecting property, pulling sleds, and executing water rescues.

Dogs like Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, and Siberian Huskies, to name a few, are included in this category.

They are wonderful pets, but prospective owners should be aware of how to train and socialize a dog due to their size and natural protectiveness.

Terrier Group

For those who have had experience with Terriers, feisty and restless are two main characteristics that come to mind! 

Terrier sizes range from relatively small, like the Norfolk, Cairn, or West Highland White Terrier, to the bigger Airedale Terrier. Terriers were bred to hunt, kill vermin, and protect their homes or barns.

Herding Group

The Herding Group’s breeds belonged to the Working Group until 1983. All herding breeds possess the innate capacity to regulate the movements of other animals. These breeds were created to herd, gather, and safeguard cattle. 
Some breeds, such as the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd Dog, are now frequently utilized for security and police duties.


A group of dog breeds not recognized by the AKC and which do not fit into any of the established categories is included in the Miscellaneous Class. 
While pursuing full AKC recognition, dog breeds classified in the Miscellaneous Class undergo an evaluation phase. 
Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Dutch Shepherds, Kai Ken, and Portuguese Podengos are some of the dogs in this class.

Foundation Stock Service

The AKC Foundation Stock Service has accepted these breeds for documentation. By establishing this, the AKC enables these purebreds to develop while ensuring a trustworthy and recognized channel for maintaining their records. AKC registration is not available for FSS breeds.

Additional Ways We Classify Dog Breeds:

How Active They Are
  • Needs Lots Of Activity
  • Energetic
  • Regular Exercise
  • Calm
How Loud They Are
  • Likes To Be Vocal
  • Infrequent
  • Frequent
  • When Necessary
  • Medium
Popular Characteristics
  • Smallest Dog Breeds
  • Medium Dog Breeds
  • Largest Dog Breeds
  • Smartest Breeds Of Dogs
  • Hypoallergenic Dogs
  • Best Family Dogs
  • Best Guard Dogs
  • Best Dog Breeds For Kids
  • Best Dogs For Apartments
  • Hairless Dog Breeds
  • Best Dogs For Apartment Dwellers
  • Large Dog Breeds
  • Smartest Breeds Of Dog
Their Coat Type
  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Rough
  • Corded
  • Hairless
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long
  • Smooth
  • Wiry
  • Silky
  • Double
  • XSmall
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge
  • May Be Stubborn
  • Agreeable
  • Eager To Please
  • Independent
  • Easy Training

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