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17 Dog Park Tips To Follow When Taking Your Fluffy Friend to a Dog Park


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17 Tips To Follow When Taking Your Dog to a Dog Park

If you are thinking about taking your dog to a new dog park, there are some dog park tips you should always bear in mind to get the most from this experience.

You should never be worried about taking your dog to a new park, but some common sense and basic preparation are necessary for maximum enjoyment.

Here are 17 important tips you should remember before you leave that will ensure you, your pooch, and the other dogs are safe and have fun.

Pay Attention

One of the worst things you could do in this situation is ignore what your dog is doing during their time at the park. If you do plan to take them off the leash in a fenced-off area, it is critical that you keep an eye on them.

This will ensure that any conflicts are quickly resolved, that they don’t eat anything they shouldn’t, and that they are generally behaving themselves.

Know Your Dog

Dogs can surprise us, but this rarely happens if you know your dog.

Should you have a particularly aggressive dog that puts other owners and dogs on the defensive, it is up to you to manage that. Know your dog and its behaviors before you go to the park. This is one of the most essential dog park tips.

Scope Out The Park

It makes sense for you to scope out the park before you go with your dog, to understand how busy it is and what the layout is.

For example, some parks have separate areas for small and large dogs, but others will not. This information can prepare you for when you eventually take your pooch along for fun.

Get Vaccinated

It is always good practice for you to have your dog vaccinated, but even more so if it is going to be playing with others in a park. Dogs can fight or injure themselves in this kind of situation, so ensuring it is vaccinated can help.

Additionally, some dogs carry diseases without the owner knowing, making it even more important that yours is protected.

Get Vaccinated

Keep The Lead On

It is always good etiquette to keep the leash on your dog until it feels comfortable in its environment and until other dogs feel comfortable with its presence. Basic dog park tips.

Don’t overdo it here, or your dog will feel shackled. Take a walk around the park with the leash on, and then let it run around.

Leaving Toys

It may be good fun to throw dog toys around for your dog outside, but if there are many other dogs around it can cause problems. Your dog may lose its toy to another, it could cause conflict or it could attract too much attention from the rest of the dogs without toys. 

Be Sure You’re In Control

Keeping an eye on your pooch is important, but so is being in control of their actions. Be confident that you can control the dog should you need to; if you have a dog that doesn’t pay attention, it can cause you problems. This is one of the most important dog park tips if you want to have a smooth pawcatation there.

Watch The Sizes

Dogs big and small should be able to enjoy the dog park, so be sure that you are playing your part. If you have a bigger dog who is boisterous, be careful when it is around smaller dogs. Your pooch may not be aggressive or violent, but clumsiness can cause injuries if you are not careful.

Watch The Sizes

Careful With Treats

In the same way that toys can cause conflict, so can treats. There is nothing wrong with giving your dog treats before and after they have played, but doing so during their play can cause issues with other dogs that do not have treats. Check out these three Christmas dog treats if you’re looking to surprise your loved one during the holidays.

Go Nude

It doesn’t happen often, but some dogs may mistake your pup’s clothing for a toy and try to writhe it off. For this reason, it is better to take any clothes off the dog before you go out unless it is particularly cold.

Take Your Own Water and Bowl

Your dog needs to avoid dehydration, so taking water is always a good idea. Some parks may have public water bowls, but these can be full of germs and bacteria. This is why taking your own water and bowl makes sense.

Taking Clean Up Supplies

Make sure you take plenty of bags to clean up after your dog. When they are excited, dogs can go to the bathroom more than usual, and the last thing you need is to get caught short in public.

No Hanging Around

When you get to the dog park, do a lap on the leash and then let them off without hanging around. If you wait, your dog can become anxious, affecting its behavior.

No Hanging Around

Short And Sweet

Dogs can tire quickly, even if it doesn’t look like it. If you let your dog keep running until its legs come off. Give your dog a time limit, perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, and then take them home; they can always come back once they are rested.

Additionally, dog behavior can change when tired, all the more reason to keep it short and sweet.


Make sure you feel comfortable intervening if your dog and another are getting too physical. Here you should stand over your dog and put your body in between the two to assert dominance. Once you have done this, take your dog to one side for a minute to cool down. 

Take Regular Breaks

To prevent your dog from getting overexcited or dehydrated, take regular breaks. This will also help you to control your dog.

Have Fun

It is critical that you are responsible and well-prepared when taking your dog to the park. With this being said, the point is to have fun, so try and relax and let your dog run wild in their new park.

Dog Park Tips Wrap Up

This is how to ensure your dog stays safe and has fun at the dog park. What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you have any more dog park tips!

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