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How To Pick The Right Dog Breed For You


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How to Pick The Right Dog Breed For You

Dogs are the best; they are loving, great companions, and can bring joy and fun to the household.

However, to pick the right dog breed is not the only choice you will have to make. This is only half the battle. The more important decision you will have to take is to pick the right dog breed.

Each dog breed varies in energy, intelligence, protective nature, and needs, so making the right choice does matter. Here are some things to consider to ensure that you pick the right dog breed.

How Much Time Can You Invest?

A common mistake that new dog owners make is not considering how much time they can spend with the pooch.

There are many dog breeds that require a lot of walking and attention, and if you cannot invest that time, it will discount several breeds. Energetic dogs will be fine if you have a big family at home and everyone can chip in.

If you are on your own, it may be that a smaller dog with fewer needs is the right choice. Generally, larger dogs need to be challenged regularly and taken on long walks and trips to the dog park; smaller dogs are usually lower maintenance.

Why Do You Want a Dog?

Some look for a dog for security reasons, others want a dog who can play with kids, some want cute dogs to love, and others look for utility dogs who can perform tasks. You may want a dog that can deliver several of these requirements but in general, any dog breed is a good dog breed.

Considering this is important as different breeds offer varying characteristics. Understanding why you want a dog in the first place will help you to narrow down your options.

Why Do You Want a Dog? - One of the things to answer to pick the right dog breed.


Did you know that not all dog breeds shed a lot of hair? Or that some breeds generally cause more mayhem at home than others? For these reasons, you ought to consider whether or not you can deal with a dog that requires a lot of cleaning up after.

If, for example, you are getting a dog for an elderly relative, a breed that causes a mess and sheds hair may not be the smartest option.

Dog Size

And finally, you have to consider what size dog would suit your household best. If you select a dog breed that is large and used to cover a lot of ground, it won’t do well in a restricted space such as an apartment.

This would be unfair to the dog and could easily cause a mess at home, which will be frustrating for owners. This is an important consideration to make when you are choosing the right dog breed.

If you are going to get a puppy, don’t forget to check how big that breed is likely to grow in the future, as it won’t be small for long!

Pick The Right Dog Breed And Be Happy

These are the key considerations before you pick the right dog breed and decide about your new pooch. Having difficulty deciding? Let us know in the comments!

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