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3 Types of Toys Your Dog Must Have

Dogs love nothing more than to play, but running around for hours outdoors isn’t always something that owners are able to do.

Whilst of course, your dogs should get a good amount of outdoor playtime, there are dog toys that you can introduce at home which will keep your pooch occupied and mentally stimulated.

Given the size of this market, there are understandably a huge amount of toy products you could invest in. Here we break down three essential dog toys that you should look to buy for your lovable pets that will keep them busy for hours.

Treat Dispensing Toy

One of the best toys on the market to keep your pup entertained is one that dispenses treats as they play with it. These products have been designed to slowly release treats as your dog chews, bites, and throws the toy, with only one or two treats being dispensed at a time.

This will encourage your dog to stay focused and mentally stimulated, with the prize of a treat for doing so. This is also a great toy for dogs that have separation anxiety.

Most dogs struggle with this for the first 20 minutes after you leave the house, but this toy will help them overcome that hurdle, almost forgetting that you have gone once they have consumed all the treats.

Dog Toys That Can Be Chewn

Dog Toys for K9s that can be chewn

Chew toys are not only designed to keep your pet stimulated and encourage them to play but also, many products are helpful for your dog’s dental and jaw health.

Many dogs require this level of jaw exercise to keep a strong bite, and they can have a lot of fun as they do so. Additionally, these toys can help to take any sharp edges off the teeth of your dog, which can prove problematic if they remain.

Dogs who need to chew, yet don’t have any toys, will often take that anxiety out on your furniture or on something that could be harmful to them.  These toys are great stress relievers, and they help to combat boredom whilst improving oral health.

Rope Toys  

On the topic of dental health, another toy that dogs will love is those made with ropes.

These toys are great for stimulation but can also act as dental floss products. When playing with these toys, food is removed from the dog’s teeth, keeping them nice and healthy.

When the owner plays with this toy along with their dog, such as tug ‘o war, it also improves their closeness with their pooch.

These are some of the best toy options for those who want to tire their dogs without taking them for a long walk or outside to play in the park (you should still take them to the park and here are some tips for taking your dog at the dog park). There are wide varieties of these toys, but anything with a rope and knots will work just fine.

These are 3 very important toys that your dogs will love playing with.

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