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5 Things You Need to Know About German Shepherds


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5 Things You Need to Know About German Shepherds

Are you thinking about a German Shepherd for your next dog? This is a popular option for many Americans, with some 3.5 million owners preferring this adorable dog breed.

Before you head out to shelters or to speak with breeders, however, here are 5 crucial things to know about German shepherds.

The 5 Essential Things To Know About German Shepherds

1 – Hip Dysplasia Can Be An Issue

For owners of German Shepherds, hip dysplasia is one of the main health concerns. The femur bone in the rear legs is impacted by the heritable disease. Hip dysplasia can be identified via a hip x-ray since the bone does not fit properly in the hip joint.

Typically, it is the first indicator of arthritis and is connected to a dog limping up or down stairs. To be sure a German Shepherd does not have hip dysplasia, it is advisable to adopt one that has received certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

2 – High Energy Levels

Working is very much the nature of German Shepherds. Both the military and the police frequently use them. Dogs enjoy being busy. Therefore, you must often take your dog for long walks. You may either sign them up for agility course lessons or take them running in parks.

Additionally, feed your dog foods heavy in carbohydrates to satisfy their high energy requirements. When bored, a German Shepherd dog might toy with your possessions. So it makes sense to purchase dog toys for them.

High Energy Levels | One of the things to know about German Shepherds

3 – Protective Nature

These dogs are bold and self-assured. They enjoy guarding the people they care about, which makes them excellent watchdogs. A German Shepherd dog will guard its owner if a stranger behaves aggressively. Their instinct to defend themselves gives their owners peace of mind.

For your dog to feel at ease, you must teach them how to interact socially with both people and other dogs. They won’t assault guests inside your compound if you do this. Untrained German Shepherds frequently exhibit territorial actions toward other dogs.

Adopting a young German Shepherd is a good idea because training an older dog can be challenging.

4 – Extremely Intelligent

The IQ of many dog breeds varies. German Shepherds are intelligent canines. They quickly pick up on your routine and are perceptive to changes in people’s moods. In addition, they are simpler to teach than Chow Chows.

Before you get a German Shepherd, expert dog trainers advise putting together a successful training program. Keep to the strategy as well to prevent confusing your dog. German Shepherds enjoy doing their owners favors.

They create enjoyable activities by applying their intelligence. To keep your dog healthy and active, exercise them frequently and bring them to a dog park for training and socialization.

Extremely Intelligent

5 – Great Sense of Smell

German Shepherds enjoy sniffing things like walls, windows, and doors. They have a keen sense of smell and millions of scent receptors. The breed is one of the best at detecting scents.

German Shepherds are used by the police and armed forces to find missing people, hunt down criminals, and detect bombs and drugs.

Wrapping Up Things To Know About German Shepherds

As you can see, this dog breed will provide you with so much joy and can offer some great characteristics to you and your household.

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